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0150 J Dilla – Every Siren on the Donuts album

Monday, February 11th, 2013

It was the 7th anniversary of J Dilla’s passing on Feb. 10th this year, and Stones Throw are re-releasing the Donuts album as a box set of 7″ singles. Pitchfork (I know I’m mentioning them again) did a great review (10!!) of the release and Nate Patrin pinpointed what is always such a great part of any Dilla tune, the siren:

Even the ubiquitous siren he lifted from Mantronix feels like Dilla’s sole property now– maybe because Kurtis never thought to lay it over a mobius-strip revamp of Kool and the Gang album track “Fruitman” (“The Diff’rence”) or a tense, staggered piano loop cut from Martha Reeves’ mid 70s post-Motown solo debut (“Thunder”).

The siren is all over the Donuts album and like Nate says, it’s his now.

Side Note: Armand Van Helden used it first back in 2000, but Dilla used it best.

The Diff’rence 0:09

Thunder 0:29

As I said on March 5, 2006 when I aired these tributes on CIUT. The Best Ever.

Lowsound – J Dilla Tribute Part 1
Lowsound – J Dilla Tribute Part 2

From Donuts, released through Stones Throw Records, 2006 and re-released on 7″ Vinyl, 2013

0015 Platinum Pied Pipers – Open your Eyes @ 1:43

Wednesday, February 18th, 2009


“There is a light that shines, special for you and me..”

The background: Bobby Caldwell releases The Cat in the Hat in 1980. It features the song, Open your Eyes. Dilla uses the sample on the Common track The Light in 2000. The Platinum Pied Pipers do a cover of the song in 2003; there’s some history here.

PPP give it a nice re-rub, make it current, and keep the soulfulness from the original. The best part is right here when after the solo, the drums come back, and you hear the plea…”darling, open your eyes.” Come on baby!!

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Platinum Pied Pipers Myspace