0037 Major Lazer – What U Like @ 2:00


I’m still getting into this album from Super-producers Diplo and Switch (the guys who produce M.I.A) and it’s pretty good so far. The whole thing is on this future electro dancehall vibe, and this track is the raunchy rub it down number.

Leading up to the 2 min mark, you’re on the typical Dancehall Riddim and it even goes accapella for about 7 secs, and then at 2:00, the beat done gone and switched up. As soon as I heard it, I knew I’d put it up here. I love the drum pattern, it’s got a lot of atmosphere, and it’s what I wanted to hear from these guys. Bonus points for the cover art and back story.

What U Like featuring Amanda Blank & Einstein 2:00 – 2:26

From Guns Don’t Kill People…Lazers Do, released through Mad Decent Records, 2009.

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