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0021 Sia – Breathe me @ 6:00

Tuesday, March 24th, 2009

Ruth @ 2:46
Keith @ 3:35
David @ 4:30
Federico @ 4:54
Brenda @ 5:21
Claire @ 6:00 – TBPOTS

3 softies in a row I know.. but I want to stay on this visual theme which started with the Moby post. Lets do this Kerouac style.

What a song, her voice is like silk, love the piano, one of the best TV shows ever, great finale, great use of music, was Sia a fan of the show? Watching this is sad, but also not, I miss Claire, and Nate, whoever put this finale together is an artist, who says there’s nothing good on TV, are you moved by this? Did you cry? 22,000 views isn’t that much, lots of passionate commenters on youtube, imagine hearing the strings live, the part when Ruth looks over at Nate and then closes her eyes is heavy, Nate was awesome, life is beautiful!

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