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0138 Kings of Tomorrow – Show Me featuring Elzi Hall @ 1:34

Wednesday, June 27th, 2012

“everything and nothing stays the same, the only rule, I know, is not to follow”

In LA, there is a lot of great radio, the best is KCRW I think. I’d always known about Garth Trinidad who plays all that classic soul and rare 70’s stuff I love, but it was later in the evening and this was a house show, which I’ve since looked up to discover is a show put on by Raul Campos. So we’re heading home after dinner, and on comes this track. All I can think about is what makes radio so great, and how everybody is jamming to this classic sounding deep house track at the exact same moment. This track is even more warm than the weather out there.

And the best part, gotta be that synth wash at the :20 mark below…

House will never die! Let the brosteppers and Skrillex get all that commercial money. This is the real deal electronic music being made right now in 2012.

Show Me featuring Elzi Hall 1:28 – 2:02

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0137 Nicolas Jaar – El Bandido @ 1:06

Sunday, June 24th, 2012

nicolas jaar

Nicolas reveals such a deft touch on this track. I edited out only 11 seconds, but listen to whole song below to put it in perspective.¬† The best part is clearly the sample at the 0:06 second mark on the edit. I can’t pick out the instrument, it sounds like a guitar but run through some compression and other effects. He uses is so sparsely, that it’s always a nice surprise when it drops in. That’s so much better than spoiling us with it, which would have been so easy.

I chose the 1:06 mark because that’s the 2nd time you hear it, you start to wonder if it was a one off.

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