0082 Outkast – So Fresh So Clean @ 2:53

Outkast Stankonia

“we are the coolest motherfunkers on the planet, and my my…”

Part 2 of the Outkast Stankonia Trifecta.

I have seen them play this live, and it was killer. Yessir.

I always remember when my buddy Jono told me how much he liked this song back when it came out. He wasn’t the biggest hip hop guy, so I thought he liked it because of the fact that he liked to stay so clean. Literally, he took at least 2 showers a day, and was always running late because of wanting to take a shower.

He’d always be singing along to it wherever we were, and I’d be like…yeah you are, you smell like Zest dawg!

So fresh so clean 2:53 – 3:15

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From Stankonia, released through Laface Records in 2000.

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